Best Paying Radiology Technician Metropolitan Areas

If you’ve begun exploring a career in Radiology or are planning to finish a training program soon, you may wonder where the best paying jobs are. If you’re flexible, you may be considering relocation to a region where radiology jobs are in high demand. You may also want to consider what the prospects are in major cities nearby as well. Climate, available activities, and lifestyle are other factors that may influence where you choose to work.

The best paying Radiology Technician Metropolitan areas on the West Coast are Napa, California; Vallejo, California; Oakland, California; and San Jose, California. The salary range for these areas is $84,500 to $89,400. Basic expenses higher on the West Coast in general, so the much higher wages are in line with living standards.

On the East Coast, Boston, Massachusetts and Peabody, Massachusetts pay salaries roughly from $69,000 to $73,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Living costs like housing are also higher in these areas. Massachusetts employs the greatest number of radiology technicians, so someone looking to finish training soon may first want to look in these areas. New England is home to several universities known for medical research. Additional jobs may be available in these facilities.

In the South, Sumter, South Carolina; Huntington and Wheeling, West Virginia; Johnson City, Tenessee; Jackson, Tennessee; and Punta Gorda, Florida have plenty of jobs, with the highest concentration in West Virginia. Salaries will range from $40,000 to $57,000, with the highest in Florida. Unlike other tourist states, Florida’s living expenses are not much higher than other states in the South. Punta Gorda doesn’t have a high number of jobs. But, with the growing aging population, those who enjoy the sun and beaches may want to consider looking in Florida.

Nevada and Maryland both have plenty of radiology jobs. Salaries fall in the range of $62,000 to $66,000. Nevada is generally warmer. Maryland has large hospitals that treat large populations. It may cost slightly less to live in Nevada. So, if warm days and night life are things you look for, Nevada may be worth considering.

When considering the salaries of radiology technology jobs, the cost of living and area features are some additional details to think about. For some, night life and entertainment is not as important. Others will want to live some place warm, where snow and constant rain is not likely.

If you aren’t sure where to live and work and have a couple years experience, a traveling x-ray technician job may be the best choice. A traveling job will let you explore different regions of the country, where you can determine which regions are most appealing. Keeping in mind that while salaries appear much higher in some areas, basic living expenses are much higher than in other regions.

In general, radiology technicians make more money than other health care technologists, including laboratory technologists. However, salaries typically depend on population, demand for services, and the level of experience and training and individual has. Radiology Technology courses are generally worth the investment, for those who are willing to look for the best paying jobs.