Resources For Finding Radiology Tech Jobs

Once you have completed your radiology technician program, it is time to look for a job in that field. Many recent graduates do not always know where to look. There are several resources for finding radiology tech jobs.

Facility Where You Did Your Clinical Training
While you are in school to become a technician in radiology, you will have classroom courses, and then you will have clinical courses. These courses are done in a medical facility so that you can get hands on experience. Once you have graduated, it is a good idea to check with the facility where you did your training to see if they are looking for techs. Since you have already done work in the facility, management will already have an idea of your skills, punctuality, and reliability. Also, you have already been trained in the way the office is run, making you the best person to hire, since there would not be a great deal of training involved.,, and Career
These three employment websites are great ways to find employment in the field that you are looking for. You can set up a profile with your location, email address, and what type of job that you are looking for. Each day, if there are any job openings in your area that fit your criteria, you will be notified by email. You can also search the site daily to see if there are any jobs which interest you.

When you find a job on the site, whether it was sent to you in an email, or if you found it on the site on your own, the listing will give you instructions on how you can apply for the job.

While more and more companies are placing their employment ads online, many still do use the newspaper. If you do not have a subscription to your local newspaper, and don’t really want one, you should pick up the Sunday newspaper. Most employers start their first advertisement in the Sunday paper because it has a higher readership than the papers printed any other day of the week.

Cold Calls
While cold calling medical facilities checking to see if they have any opening is a long shot, it can be effective. You could end up calling a facility who is preparing to promote and employee, leaving their position available, or they could be letting an employee go, leaving the position available. You could get lucky and contact a company before they have the chance to advertise the position.

Temp Agencies
It is a good idea to contact a few temp agencies in your area to see if they have any companies looking for a radiology technician. You may be looking for a permanent position, and many positions that a temp agency is looking to fill are temp to hire positions. This means if your supervisor is happy with your performance, you could be hired on a permanent basis.

Finding a job is the next step after graduating from your radiology tech program. Rather than sticking to one, you should use all of the above resources in your job hunt.